Samantha Dick - About 

Samantha Dick is a multi-disciplined artist based between Glasgow and Edinburgh. The basis of Dick’s practice is their rejection of social expectation. How can one best dismantle the social and psychological constraints placed upon the body by an oppressive society?

Through the use of theatrical play the artist encourages the viewer to disrupt their own impressions of normality; challenging gender norms, addressing power relations and conformity, whilst disrupting the rooted idealisms of civilisation. Dick constantly draws us back to their interest in the Other and its conflicting relationship with dominance. How can the Other become the dominant and subsequently, how we may dismantle the dominant.


The materiality of Dick’s work holds no strict material form, working across disciplines such as video, photography, collage, performance and installation. The fluidity of materials within their practice reflects the non-conformity and malleability of Dick’s research interests: perspectives, distortion and the dismantling of a heteronormative contemporary world. The concept of “Clowning” is also integral to how Dick pushes the boundaries of a formal white-cube exhibition setting. Using theatrical play as a way to encourage the viewer to critique and disrupt societal normality.

Dick is also a member and co-founder of the art collective Where People Sleep, a non-hierarchy DIY artists space and facilitators of art. Hosting exhibitions and events in flats around Glasgow, with the key ethos of community and experimentation.